wholesale business women’s wear in Turkey

We sell wholesale business women’s wear dresses like, pencil skirt, skirt jacket suits, casual business jackets for ladies.

To buy Turkish clothing, please check if we have got distributor in your city/country, you could buy directly from the our distributor in your city or we could send diretly to you, we could make world wide delivery to all countries. And also if we don have distributor in your city, you could be out distributor in your city. To be a distributor, you should have a shop and you hould buy from us 2000 usd clothes.

contact whatsapp:+90-5413112121 (Mr.Yusuf)

Please watch our showroom in youtube channel, you could see the some styles in our stock in istanbul store in Turkey.

Wholesale abaya Turkey

we are sell wholesale abaya in istanbul Turkey, Our Turkish style fashion abayas manufactured in Turkey.. we could make delivery to the Uk, Dubai, Uae,  India, Bahrain, Canada,  Jeddah, London, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunis, Morocco, France, Australia, Bangladesh  and other countries, Please contac us for wholesale prices on whatsapp:+90-5413112121 (Mr.Yusuf)and also you could join our Telegram group to see more styles and prices.

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wholesale African style clothing

We work with many African cargo companies and we could make delivery to the every African countries, South Africa, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritania, Benin, Botswana,Sudan and other countries.

For the wholesale prices, and other styles which we have in istanbul Turkey, More than 120000 styles, please visit us in istanbul or, join our Telegram group to see pictures and wholesale african sytle clothing prices. or contact us on whatsapp: +90-5413112121 (Mr.Yusuf)

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Bodycon dresses wholesale Party dresses

we have more than 120.000 styles in our store in istanbul Turkey. we sell bodycon dresses wholesale, evening dresses wholesale, Prom dresses wholesale, Party dresses wholesale, cocktail dresses wholesale in Turkey istanbul. You could visit our wholesale store in Merter istabul Turkey, or you could join our Telegram group, to see the wholesale prices or about 4000 women clothing wholesale prices.

we could export all countries in the word, as USA , UK , Sout Africa, Australia, New zealand, Qatar, Lebanon, Nigeria, and other countries , Cities, Cape town, Los angeles, newyork, Los Angeles, London, Blackburn, Preston…… Our women clothing are made in Turkey. Manufactured in Turkey.

Please contact us on whatsapp:+90-5413112121 (Mr.Yusuf)

Islamic gowns wholesale

Long sleeve islamic evening dresses, Prom dresses, Formal dresses ,You could order from Usa, Canada, Uk, London, France, South Africa, Australia,Qatar, Lebanon, Germany, from all countries.